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The Smithsonian Cable Channel has a series I like to watch... It's called, "Aerial America"... It's filmed from the air & each episode is about one of the states in our beautiful country... The photography is exceptional & it contains a narrative about some of the history of that particular state... This last weekend they played each one for over 50 hours of viewing because it included Washington D.C. & a synopsis of the entire country...

Now I generally don't watch that much TV but since I'm retired & I'm now able to do the things I enjoy I watched as many of them as I could... I love learning & wasn't disappointed because I learned a lot about our country I didn't know... I learned things about places I've already been to & much more about places I may never get to see in person in my lifetime...

I'd like to share this video with you... I love music, Jazz & R&B being my favorite venues... This is one of the most incredible versions of this song I've ever seen or heard... The video is absolutely stunning & truly remakable... If you watch it I hope you have a big screen TV & watch it in full screen mode... I guarantee you won't be disappointed... Please leave a comment if you like it too...


So Happy Birthday to our country, the Greatest Country in the world... I pray every day when I wake up that someday we may all treat each other with the respect we all deserve... This is still the, "The Land of Opportunity" for those who have the positive imagination & vision to realize difficult times never last...


Please Remember, to be an American Ends With

"I Can"!!!

God Bless America!!!

Signing off 'til next time this is,

Linda Michel White aka (Ivory)

Happy Networker & Senior Blogger from

My Sunshine State Of Mind


Sorry this was late but Murphy brought his Law & they took over my apartment for the Holiday...  I think he's finally gone, but I must clean up after the mess they made here...










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