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I am so grateful for my life! Each day I wake up is another “Gift From God” as I remember “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow's a Mystery, but Today is a Gift... That's why it's called The Present!”

Lately I've been “Missing In Action”... I've been receiving what I like to call “God Nudges”, so I've been paying attention to the direction in which they are leading me... I've used this method for 27 years & it hasn't failed me yet... It's my way of “Renewing my Spirit”... It makes me feel completely refreshed... It's like putting on a new pair of “Perspecticals”...

I've eliminated all the dead weight I've been carrying for far too long... Pushing the Reset Button is not like pushing the Easy Button... It takes time if I want to do it right... Now I'm working on my Body, Mind & Spirit... I have completely redone my Profile Page on IBO Social & I finally feel like I'm headed in the right direction...

The internet can be very distracting with many misleading claims which we sometimes fall victim to... I've done much research & have found the kind of people I enjoy doing business with... I'm sharing them with everyone who visits my Profile Page... Take a Peek & feel free to leave a comment!

My IBO Social Page


To keep my spirits high, the only thing I would change about this song is I would change the words from “Better Man” to Better Woman” so I could be included... In case you haven't guessed by now music is my passion, the happier the better... It is what I use to stay positive... It always reminds me of how Blessed I am... Now “I'm Too Blessed To be Stressed!” My new “Perspecticals” must be working overtime!

Signing off 'til next time this is,
Linda Michel White (aka Ivory)
Happy Networker & Senior Blogger

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I am a Happy Networker and Senior Blogger who practices "Extraordinary Happyness" on a daily basis... I have almost 28<a href=""></a> years experience in Personal Development... In the past I have been a self taught, award winning clown, one of my proudest accomplishments...

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