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Seniorisms, When No News Is Good News!

Since music soothes my Soul & there's so much negativity on the news these days, I just pray about it & turn it over to God... Yesterday I just happened upon a real treat which made me take the rest of the day off... I know not everyone my age has an appreciation for Michael Jackson like I do... Say what you will, his was such an incredible talent, I don't think there will ever be another quite like him...

They televised his 30th Anniversary show & I just had to watch it... What I especially enjoy about his music is not only the amazing dance moves, but the emotions that he revealed in some of the lyrics... He was also one of the great humanitarians of our day, It's obvious to me the great amount of empathy & compassion he felt for people... Needless to say I couldn't just sit & watch, my feet had to be moving to the music so I got a mini-workout because I don't think the rest of my body could have ever moved like that...


I do believe he was a talent ahead of his time... When I hear his songs about social injustice & conservation of our earth I actually start to tear up because I think it will take an eternity to undo the damage we've done to our environment... "Cry", is one of my favorites because it was such an awesome group effort... It is a demonstration of what can happen if we erase our fears, limitations & put the focus on what is possible... It all boils down to “The Golden Rule” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you... So Simple, yet so difficult!




Signing off 'til next time this is,
Linda Michel White (aka Ivory)
Happy Networker & Senior Blogger


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