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Athens, GA


August 19

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I would like to help people overcome throwing animals away like garbage. Teaching them that dogs and cats are loyal and they are our companions in life not our punching bags. I want to help the shelters in the U.S find more homes for the animals that have been abused and tortured or left outside to freeze or suffocate in the heat, chained up with no food or water. I want to bring awareness to people that it is not okay to abuse animals or let our children abuse animals. It is not okay! Also, I would like to see that Zoos are made illegal. We need to stop ripping apart our wild life families. We don't know if we are taking a mother from her baby or a father from his son or a husband from his partner. But as the more progressive of the species we flex our muscles all over our wildlife and do as we please and for what? For the almighty dollar. How much is enough? Really how much is enough to live comfortably? How much is just plain greed? Think about that next time someone wants to go to the zoo. Think about being an elephant who is used to walking 30 miles a day is now only able to walk around in a circle, and maybe for one mile a day. Think about how he/she feels? Ripped from the homeland, the family, the children, the routine? What a terrible thing to do to an animal as special as an elephant, so sensitive and majestic. When are we going to start putting special people in zoos to make us money? How far will humankind go with this disease called greed! Zoos need to be outlawed! We are breaking the spirits of these beautiful animals and what for? Think about it? When I do it makes me very sad.

You Must "Never Give Up" On Your Dreams and You Must Always "Believe You Can Fly" by Yolanda Adams


Never, Ever, Give Up On Your Dreams - When YOU Doubt Yourself Say the Scripture Below to Yourself!!!

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me"

God's Holy Word the Book of Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

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